General trading conditions of YACHTANGO

  1. preambel

„YACHTANGO“ is a registered brandname of the german Pecumedia GmbH, Trautenwolfstr.5 80802 München, called „YACHTANGO“ in the following. YACHTANGO offers services about mediating yachtcharters at very attractive conditions and other advantages around yachting and yachtcharters to registered members.

Underlying is german law.

  1. area of application

  1. For the business relationship between YACHTANGO and the client (as well called „member“) only this general trading conditions are valid. Opposing or from this conditions deviating conditions are not accepted by YACHTANGO and YACHTANGO contradicts expressly. Opposing trading conditions of the client are valid only if YACHTANGO expressly accepted these in the written. All contracts are subject to the valid version of the trading conditions at the moment of order.

  2. These conditions regulate only the legal relation between the client (member) and YACHTANGO. All contractual agreements are subject between the client and the contractual related executing chartercompany and in no case between YACHTANGO or the client (member) or YACHTANGO and the chartercompany. YACHTANGO mediates the rental contract of one or more boats between the member and the owner of a boat or the contractual administration chartercompany. The rental contract comes off between the member and the owner/administrator of the specific boat. The final execution of the chartercontractual agreements is NOT subject to be done completely or partially by YACHTANGO.

  1. Contract conclusion

  1. The offers of YACHTANGO in the internet are a representation of a brochure only. The presentation of the advantages of a club membership are an invitation to the potential customer to give an offer for conclusion of a contract about the membership in the YACHTANGO bookingclub, that makes him liable to pay the costs of the membership dues.

  2. By completion of the registration using the registration form the customer gives an offer to conclude a contract about participation in the program of YACHTANGO.

  3. YACHTANGO can reject every of these offers without any reason. In case of rejection, YACHTANGO will inform about the rejection as soon as possible (asap) without obligation to mention a reason.

  4. After receiving the request for membership in YACHTANGO bookingclub the client receives an information, that his request was registered and will be worked out. The client will receive a confirmation by email to ths emailadress given from him in the registration form. This confirmation is not yet the confirmation of acceptance and ranting admission to club-advantages. The client shall be informed only, that his request was received. The contract about clubmembership comes off only with confirmation of admission, which will be confirmed by email as well.

  1. right of revocation

  1. The request for registration to become a member to YACHTANGO bookingclub can be recalled within 2 weeks without any reason in the written by letter, email, Fax . The period begins with receiving this information, but not before conclusion of the contract and notz before our obligations of information in accordance with § 312c Abs. 2 BGB (german civil law book) in combination with § 1 Abs. 1, 2 and 4 BGB-InfoV in conclusion with our obligations according § 312e Abs. 1 Satz 1 BGB in combination with § 3 BGB-InfoV. To the keeping of the period it is enough to send the revocation on time. The revocation must be sent to

company name: Pecumedia GmbH

Division: Abt. YACHTANGO

Streel/ ZIP/ city Trautenwolfstr.5 80802 Munich Germany

Fax: +49 89 921 85 724


  1. consequences of the revocation

In case of a valid revocation achievements, received from both sides, must be refunded and eventually already received advantages e.g. interests or the difference between usual street-charterprice and YACHTANGO clubmemberprice must be refunded as well. If return of received advantages is not possible in the whole or partially, the refund must be done in money. This can mean, that the payment obligations for the agreed membership period must be fulfilled. Obligations to refund any payments must be completed during 30 days. The period starts with sending the revocation letter and for YACHTANGO the moment, the revocation arrives.

  1. Premature expiring of the right of revocation

The right of revocation expires according § 312d Abs. 3 BGB prematurely, if the contract is completely fulfilled by both parties on their own expressed will, before they used any right of revocation.

  1. rights of YACHTANGO Club-members

  1. Members of YACHTANGO do have the right to participate at the respective program offers of YACHTANGO. The major advantage is the mediation of chartercontracts at very reduced prices.

  2. The right of participation exists for those members only, which have paid the annual membership dues.

  3. The membership is not transferable. Only personal and private use of the advantages by YACHTANGO is possible. The member must be the person, who concluded the contract, in order to receive and enjoy the advantages of this membership. Bookings for and in the name of third persons are not permitted at all.
    If a member books a boat for a third party, which is not herself member of YACHTANGO-bookingclub, the member is obliged to pay the difference between the booked boat´s price and it´s listprice.

  4. Is the member not able to be skipper or member of the booked boat´s crew, (e.g. becoming sick) a replacing person can me mentioned. The administrative costs for a namechange are 20% of the charter and due at the moment of change excution. YACHTANGO is permitted to reject a namechange without any reason, especially, if there is suspicion, that the member booked for a non-member and does not participate himself on the trip.

  5. YACHTANGO is permitted to monitor and check participations via crewlists.

  1. member´s obligations

  1. Only adults (over 18 years) can become members of YACHTANGO booking club. To become a member, the registration form on the website of YACHTANGO must be used.

  2. The member confirms, that all personal data given and entered to the form is correct and complete. The member is obliged, to announce changes of the personal data to YACHTANGO, especially adress- payment- and contactdata. The member must use his name and is not at all permitted to use any aliasnames or artist´s name. The identity of each member will be checked and verified at the latest with his booking by asking his boat licences and ID-card copies.

  3. With his registration the member receives a personal password. This password must be kept confidential. YACHTANGO will not give this password to third parties and will never ask the member for this password.

  4. Each person is permitted to register ONCE only and can only have one personal profile.

  5. The member is obliged:

    • only to transmit such copies of papers (e.g. id-cards or boat licences), that are valid. The member has the complete risc of acceptance of the papers and pictures on it by local authorities at the place of boarding!

    • to obey all laws and legal obligations (e.g. copyrights) of third parties whilst using contents and services on YACHTANGO-webpages.
      The member the more is obliged – if YACHTANGO provides any offers like Forums, Blogs or other community-services not to post any contents, that affect legal rights or laws or this contractual agreements.

The member commits itself in particular

  • not to post any contents which are untrue factual statement

  • not to publish any insulting or slanderous contents, no matter, if these contents concern other members, employees of YACHTANGO or other natural or legal emtities

  • not publish any incitement of the masses

  • not to post any porn in picture or the written or other contents, affecting any laws to protect the children and the youngs and/or market or offer any porn or other products, that affect any law of youth protection.

  • omit the unauthorized use of protected contents and brandnames and -signs especially any rights protected by copyrights, namerights, brand names, patents, design patents or utility rights.

  • not to make anything affecting competition rights, especially not to trouble other members with spam-emails.

  • not to post any contents, that directly or indirectly advertise products, services, political parties or world views

  • not to post an contents, that are confidential in any way

  • not to post any links to other media services with non-legal contents

  1. member´s obligation of exemption

  1. If the member adds any own contents, it exempts YACHTANGO and it´s employees and other executing aides from any requirements, that a third party may ask for affecting her rights with thiese puiblished contens or any other obligation-adverse use The member is liable for it´s publications and must cover any costs coming from this, including all costs for legal representation and consulting by lawyers.

  2. There are no obligations, if the user is not responsible for the law breaking.

  3. The member is obliged, in case of demands of third parties, to deliver all existing informations, and materials without delay, true and complete, that are necessary for an examination and maybe legal defense.

  4. All further rights and demands of YACHTANGO, it´s employees and other aids remain untouched.

  1. Rights of YACHTANGO at injuries

  1. in case of offending against legal laws or this contractual terms YACHTANGO is permitted to restrict the membership rights and undertake other useful steps against this responsible member.

  2. YACHTANGO keeps especially the following rights

  • deletion of posts, ratings and comments or any other contents published by the member

  • exclusion of the member

  • temporary or permanently blocking of this member

  1. In case of a blocking, the member s not permitted to use any of the YACHTANGO servcies anymore. YACHTANGO is not obliged to justify any decision.

  2. If a member does not consider it´s obligations, it is obliged not to add further offences, and to replace any costs and other harms and to excempt YACHTANGO from compensation demands of others. The exemption includes the complete coverage of any lawyer´s and court costs . Other requirements of YACHTANGO, especially about blocking contents and extraordinary notice f cancellation stay untouched.

  1. Payments/ maturity / delay of payment

  1. The membership fee for YACHTANGO is payable annually immidiately at registration process.

  2. Payments can be transferred by credit card (VISA/MASTER), MAESTRO or other bank transfers (online banking)

  3. If a payment will be re-charged, all costs are on client´s bill, especially to mention bank charges, withdrawal charges and other bankcosts.

  4. YACHTANGO can send invoices and remidners by email

  5. In case of payment delays, YACHTANGO or a company ordered for these services can charge 25 € for each single reminder plus interest.

  6. As long as the membership payment and eventually open costs might not be paid, and the member´s club-balance is negative, it is not possible to book any boat under the consideration of member´s conditions and prices. In that case, the normal agency-price must be paid. It is NOT possible to ask recharge in retroactivity.

  1. Duration of membership/ notice of cancellation

  1. The membership contract is valid for a first period of 2 years from the date of contract. It is prolongued automatically for a period of 1 year, if it is not cancelled by one of the parties in written to the end of the first or the following contractual periods. The cancellation can only be accepted, if it will be executed at least 3 months before the contractual period ends.

  2. Each contractual party is entitles to cancel the contract at any time and without period with being present of an important reason. An important reason for YACHTANGO is expressly

    1. the dela of payments and still no payment after 2 reminders

    2. the member offends against basic contractual obligations, especially mentioned in toppic 6 .

  1. Liability for contents/data and/or informations

  1. YACHTANGO doses not take any responsibility for publications, contents, data or links done be members.

  2. YACHTANGO does not guarantee the truth of any of these contents, and/or help or guarantee to serve a purpose.

  1. Legal liability of YACHTANGO

  1. requirements for compensation – no matter of which reason – against YACHTANGO or it´s aids, that are caused by easy negligence, can only be accepted, if a basic contractual obligation (cardinal obligation) was affected. A cardinal obligation is an obligation, that a member could have trusted in and which completion would allow at all the correct execution of this contract .

All requirements in such a case are limited on a typical foreseeable harm

  1. Requirements for body damages and damages of property stay untouched. The liability exclusions and limitations are not valid in case of an expressly given guarantee of YACHTANGO.

  1. Data safety

  1. YACHTANGO declares the consiousity about a very sensitive handling of all data handed over by members and about themselves. YACHTANGO considers all european data safety regulations (german data safety law, european data sefety guideline and every other data safety law)

  2. YACHTANGO uses all received data only to organize and maintain the membership of it´s members and mediation of yachtcharter and – if asked by the client – further services.
    To achieve that, YACHTANGO is entitled to deliver client´data to the executing chartercompany that executes the charter of a boat of client´s choice.

  3. YACHTANGO will not give any personal data to third parties or let third parties use that data.

  1. Final agreements

  1. All modifications of this contract are subject to be agreed in written. There are no special agreements.

  2. YACHTANGO reserves the right to change or modify this general conditions at any time without reason, except, the chagnes would not be reasonable. YACHTANGO will inform it´s members immediately in case of a change. If the member does not contradict against the new contractual terms within six (6) weeks after notification, the general conditions are considered as accepted. YACHTANGO will inform members in the notification about their right of contradiction and the expiration of for contradition period.

  3. As long as nothing else is agreed, a member can give all it´s declarations to YACHTANGO with reconfirmed email by Fax or letter. YACHTANGO can as well send any informations to the member by email, fax or letter to the registered adressdata.

  4. If individual regulations of these contractual terms should be or become ineffective thereby the effectiveness of the remaining regulations is not affected

  5. place of delivery concerning YACHTANGO charterclub is the residence of YACHTANGO.

  6. Place of jurisdiction is, as far as legally possible, the residence of YACHTANGO

  7. Valid is german law under exclusion of International private law and the UN-buyer´s law, taken over to german law.