POREC peninsula  Croatia - italian ambiance and nearby bays

Porec is located roughly in the middle of the Istrian peninsula and can be reached via a now well-developed road network.

The well-known holiday clubs Plava Laguna and Jelena Laguna as well as some large campsites have made the place famous.

The harbor is picturesque and, like everywhere else in Croatia, you can stroll here wonderfully.

The Porec Yachtmarina is a little outside and there are german and austrian, and as well local charter companis  for reliably chartering and offering well-maintained boats for years.

It should be urgently pointed out that the Croatian authorities react extremely uncomfortably if the clearing regulations are interpreted even slightly loosely.

Anyone coming from Slovenia or Italy must definitely go directly to a port of entry and clear properly. Anyone who has declared must leave Croatia DIRECTLY. Excuses are of no use - severe fines will be imposed!

If you want to declare yourself as a charterer and sail to Italy, you should definitely ask your charter base beforehand whether this is possible with the chartered yacht or not and what costs and obligations are associated with it!