Yacht charter  Alimos Marina Athens Greece - Cyclades islands
Sailing boats and Catamarans going to the Aegaean sea 


The large Kalamaki Marina in Alimos is home to over 1000 yachts of all sizes and all charter companies are represented here!
Sailing yachts of all sizes, both monohulls and catamarans available by Yachtango Yachtcharter agency

Attica and the Saronic Gulf lie in front of the Greek capital Athens.

The large ships and tankers of the Greek shipping companies sail between the large port of Piraeus and the eastern corner of the mainland at Cape Sounion and shortly behind Lavrion.

Several Yachtmarinas for pleasure boats, sailing yachts, catamarans and motor yachts up to mega luxury yachts are located along the coast.
Most marinas are private and only allow certain yachts.

For yacht charterers, the ports of Alimos and Lavrion are central starting ports for a sailing trip in the Attic Saronic Gulf and the islands of Egina, Methana and Poros and to the Argolic Gulf past Hydra, Spetses to Nafplio in the very interior of the Argolic Gulf or Monemvasia on the southeast side of the Peloponnese peninsula arms.

The area is of course characterized by tourism due to its proximity to Athens, but there is actually no northern European mass tourism, but rather day visitors from Athens.

One can sail here in a relaxed manner without encountering crowds and you will find quiet and originally greek places, small, rustic and cozy harbors, bays and friendly taverns everywhere.

Since you should sail the Aegean Sea with a chartered yacht from Alimos clockwise and therefore it is usually better to sail along here on the return journey, you can plan this beautiful sailing area on the way back to Athens!

If you sail with a monohull sailing yacht or a catamaran  past Monemvasia towards the west and then further north, you will reach the Ionian Islands after a few beautiful days of sailing.

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FromAthens Marina - Alimosyou have to pay attention to the large shipping routes and a traffic separation area.The "big boats" travel at considerable speed, and anyone who is not used to this is advised to be particularly careful and careful!A traffic separation area may only be crossed at a 90 degree angle and obstructing priority shipping is a punishable offense!

From Lavrion, the easternmost tip of mainland Greece on the Saronic Gulf, you can quickly reach the Aegean.

From Athens you can quickly reach the Corinth Canal and, after an exciting passage (charges apply!), the long Gulf of Patras, in which there is often a westerly wind, which makes a direct and short trip difficult - if you like to tack and take your time, it´s fine, otherwise better sail around the peninsula of Peleponnese.

At the end of the trip you´ll reach the large city of Patras, which has a small Marina,  and from there you go straight into the Ionian Sea.