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In summer, the always beautiful and uniformly warm holiday weather tempts not only the holiday skipper and his yacht charter crew, but also often very experienced sailing yacht skippers and motor yacht drivers, to neglect the weather forecast!

But this can be a fatal mistake, because the main weather changes - at least in the summer season from June to the beginning of October - are characterized by changes in wind conditions. In winter, spring and autumn there are also very changeable conditions, which can put recreational captains, but also experienced skippers, in great distress.

It is therefore recommended to check the current weather forecasts at least twice a day.

Since these can sometimes be very different and depend on the current location, it is advisable to visit several weather websites.


Here are the best weather links for yacht sailors and yacht charterers

PELAGO - Sindicates wave heights and wave directions click

Poseidon - good overview, selectable regionally, fairly reliable click

HNMS - National Greek Weather Service click

WINDFINDER - for wind directions, wind speeds and temperature data click

WINDGURU - offers more overviews for coasts/surfers, but can also be helpful for sailors click

METEO. GR - Weather forecast Greece click

Otherwise,and in the further it is advisable to watch the local news and find out what was announced there. The subjective assessments then vary somewhat, but if everyone is talking about “there is a lot of wind,” you should arm yourself accordingly