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Sailing to Symi - the secret Portofino of Greece

The island of Symi is located about 24 nm northeast of Rhodes-Mandraki, framed between the Turkish peninsulas of Marmaris and Datca.

The island was once inhabited by sponge divers and traders, and the neoclassical houses that stretch up the high mountains like an amphitheater on both sides of the harbor bay bear witness to its former wealth.

Symi is heavily frequented by day-trippers from Rhodes, who come around 10 a.m. in the morning and leave around 4 p.m. in the afternoon.

Large ferries also dock and cruise ships have also been attracted.

Symi, which was still sleepy and largely dilapidated 25 years ago, has become a tourist hotspot that is a fairground for mass tourists during the day.


The main town on Symi, where the large ferries dock, is Ialos.
The harbor bay winds its way into the island like a small fjord.
As soon as you arrive, cameras are pulled out to capture the colorful and picturesque sea of ​​houses.

As you drive in you pass an old bell tower, behind it in the corner building is the Immigration Police office.
The Port Police office is on the other side of the harbor.
The customs office is located at the front of the harbor bay in town.

Today the port and it´s quais are packed to capacity from 3 p.m. onwards, even in the early season and in the late season, and you can hardly find a place to lie down.

There are mooring-buoys now, and a Mooring-man in an inflatable dhingi manages the dockings - one must be pretty patient with him, he´s not very friendly.
In 2023 they charged 20 € just for handing the buoy, and another fee for the mooring itself. 
Of course, the Mega-Yachts of rich turkish people are their favourites, if it´s the TIP? 

In 2023 water and electricity was given only to selected boats, it was said, there shall be normal Marina posts soon, don´t worry, how much they will charge for that then!

Anyone coming from Turkey who needs to clear their goods and checkin legally, must use, and pay of course, one of the service men to administrate the formalities. 

The mega motor yachts and gulets as well as large luxury sailing yachts are usually brought in on the starboard side of the port, while the sailing yachts up to 15m are ordered to go the portside.

Make sure your boat is at least 2m from the quai, because incoming ferries and excursion ships cause a lot of swell.


There are markets with food etc. both in town and on the harbor quayside.

In addition to tourist shops, there are also craft supplies and outfitter shops in town.There is a very good bakery near the bridge.


Not far from the bridge at the harbor is the famous fish restaurant (Psarotaverna) of Manos.

The restaurant offers fresh fish and excellent cuisine, but it's not cheap!

At Manos you can eat excellent fish and drink good and therefore expensive wine in the company of wealthy guests, mostly from Turkey, who often celebrate wild parties here.

portview island of Symi


On the southwest side of the island of Symi is the storm-proof bay of Panormitis.

There is a monastery here and in this monastery there is also a bakery with fresh baked goods.

The very poorly sorted shop there is really only suitable for tourists to sell expensive drinks and some emergencies and the owner is more than unfriendly.

Enter the monastery only in modest clothing, shoulders must be covered, swimwear is not permitted.

Yacht charterers anchor their yachts in the spacious bay with a sandy bottom that holds very well.In a storm, make sure the chain is long and that the anchor is well retracted!

A tavern offers Greek food and the excursion boats come by twice a day on their tour.It's a few kilometers over the mountain to Chorio or Ialos.

There's a bus in the high season, but otherwise there are also taxis.

Symi Panormitis


When the quays are all full, or you don´t want to stay there for lot of money, you can anchor in front of the bell tower on the right in the small dockyard bay of Harani, which is only 150m away and quite - and it is for free.
Just some pulkls with the Dinghi... and it is safe from the strong northern winds, which create trouble inside the port, when it blows towards the side of the boats.

Alternatively, there is very nice anchoring in the next bay named Emporio.There is a small tavern at the back, but it is not always open.

Symi Ialos port
Psarotaverna fish tavern Manos Symi


It's worth going up the small streets into Chorio - you follow the steps of the "Kallistrada" (Beautiful Street) and stroll up through the narrow streets with some wonderful views to Ialos or over to Pedi, the large neighboring bay where many people anchor, for whom life in Ialos is too loud.

Recently, a small private Marina opened in Pedi.

Symi Kallistrata


Right next to the bay of Ialos a few hundred Meters to the west there is a large anchorage bay called Pedi. It is very safe, and so sailors from all over the world drop their anchor their.

A few holiday homes and 2 taverns and recently anew private managed and owned Marina is located there. Because of sometimes heavy gusts blowing down from the mountains, it is important to ensure that the anchor holds well, better 2 anchors.

Supply in Ialos by bus or taxi (approx. 3 km over the mountain)

Since 2021 there is a Mooring dock "Symi Marina", check ist here

Symi Bay of Pedi


a romantic bay on the northwest side of Symi.Protected by a small dam you lie behind a small monastery.

The bottom of the anchor is sand 

During the day a tour boat comes from Ialos.