Yacht charter  Greece - Cyclades islands
Sailing winds in the Aegaean sea 


Lodos and Scirocco

are the opposite of a Meltemi.

While the Meltemi blows over the Aegean and Cyclades islands in storm force from the north or northeast to south and southeast in summer, the Lodos and Scirocco are hot southerly winds come from south and bring red desert sand from the Sahara in late spring or early autumn. Often it´s some rain coming with it. 

Both winds are dangerous because they can be very strong and the bays that are protected to the N/NW in the normal summer wind conditions can no longer protect. So, if the wind predictions are not seen, a nightly windshift may cause trouble on anchored boats!

If a Meltemi situation supposedly forms with a high pressure area over the northern East Aegean Sea and the Dardanelles and at the same time a low pressure area forms over Crete, and a high pressure area (instead of low pressure) also develops in Anatolia.

Be prepared and aware of wind direction change if ...

A Lodos or Scirocco can be recognized by periods of heat that last for days, while increasingly high yellow and reddish veil-like clouds (Saharan sand) move in from the south.When it starts to rain, you need to be on the highest alert because very strong winds will soon hit the yacht crews.