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CHALKI, as well named HALKI  is one of the (still) insider tips for sailors in the southern Dodecanese.

The island is located a few nautical miles north of Rhodes, in the north is Tilos 15 nm away, and in the east is its "big sister" Symi.

To the southwest you´ll reach the windy island of Karpathos.

Halki impresses with its magical atmosphere with colorful houses that have been lovingly restored by Anglo-Greek tourism companies and prepared for holiday home rentals, while retaining the old charm of the former captains' and fishermen's houses!

There are hardly any cars on Halki, the walking distances are short and only the main town with the ferry-jetty is inhabited. 


The harbor bay of Halki is well protected from the prevailing winds.

A large ferry pier is not only used by the ferry that runs to Rhodes twice a day and large ferries on their way to and from Crete stop here, by night sometimes!

The corresponding noise arises at night.

Anyone who docks here in the evening is often woken up at night.

Yachts and catamarans moor at the floating dock on the starboard inlet.

There is no electricity post for boats, but water can be stored via a long hose.

However, there is no gas station on Halki.

Chalki - a lovely greek island sail to Chalki with a boat chartered from Yachtango

There is a small fruit shop right next to the jetty, followed by some very nice bars and taverns, which are populated in the evenings by country holidaymakers from their holiday homes. The predominantly sedate, older, English crowd vacations here.

You can get to the Port Police by walking through the streets, always "to the left", at the very other end of the bay is the port office.


Approximately 2 nm to the southeast the island of Alimnia is located exactly opposite the harbor bay.

There are some abandoned military base houses.

Attention: coming from Chalki port, on the way over there is a cliff approximately in the middle.

In Alimnia you can anchor in various places. The bay is protected to the N and NW, but swell often comes in.


If you sail ahead to SE, there is a small fishermen´s  place in Rhodes on the NW-coastline named KAMEIROS - if the weather is calm, one can go there for lunch in the Taverna or pick/leave guests - it is not far from Rhodes airport.


The beautiful Bay of Potamos is located exactly on the south side of the island of Halki.

It is about 1 km walking distance from the harbor and can also be easily reached on foot.

There is a beautiful sandy beach and a tavern here - just as you imagine Greece.

Yachts anchor in the bay, but in the left part there is a shoal in the middle with less than 1.80 m of water above it